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My Nitro Date

Yes, it was a date to remember on one of New Haven’s hottest nights. More than just a movie and dinner it was an adventure or more like an escape.

On this special warm night, people of all walks of life are strolling, some hand in hand like my date and I, seemingly heading in the same direction. Now, Crown Street in New Haven seems to be the new and up and coming stroll and what better street to walk after a movie at the Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas. What is going on? It’s a buzz, as we come to the corner of Crown Street and High Street. Seeing what I think is smoke pouring over the counter of a new ice cream shop called, MILKCRAFT. I find out later that it’s not smoke but, food grade liquid nitrogen. (I will tell you more about this just keep reading.)

I felt this was the night. So, why not get something cool and refreshing like Ice cream. It is fun to eat, and you can talk, while watching each other make some seductive and funny faces. Cool, right! MILKCRAFT is new to New Haven, with only three shops in Connecticut, but once this kick get other’s hooked I predict they will be venturing out to other places that can see their vision.

They create their unique ice cream from scratch with pure natural flavors. I had PB & J Roasted Banana, all natural Peanut butter topped with pure jam and caramelized bananas and my date had Choco Du LEche, dark chocolate, Dulce du Leche and smoked maidon sea salt flakes. The master to this ceremony is their caramelized waffle cone, made Hong Kong style they call it, the Bubblecone®. The smell fills the air of fresh made to order waffles. They also make a Creamme® bun, looks like a donut and these are freshly baked daily.

It’s all about the gas

The Liquid Nitrogen is used to create and interesting ice cream with small ice crystals when it freezes. They pour each of their recipes into these large mixing bowls , infuse liquid nitrogen and suddenly you have this interesting tasting ice cream that is nothing you had before. This is all stuffed into their amazing BUBBLECONE® and you can get all types of toppings including some of your favorite cereals.

Why wait?

No wonder people and smiling, laughing and in a community spirit inside and out of this new destination in New Haven. If you’re looking for a new place to stroll, try Crown Street in New Haven and stroll down to MILKCRAFT.

Sunday – Thursday 11am – 11pm Friday – Saturday 11am – 12am Locations: 280 Crown St New Haven, CT 06511 967A Farmington Ave West Hartford, CT 06107 1215 Post Rd Fairfield, CT 06824

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